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Oh! Matsuri at Sushi & Nori

Get ready to feed your sumo-sized appetite and grab some flamed Sushi with both hands at Sushi & Nori's matsuri market.

Famous for its culture, whiskeys and heart-warming flavours, Brisbane’s best Japanese hot spot, Sushi & Nori will highlight Japans best in a celebration bigger than Godzilla himself.

Join us on Thursday, 22 March as Sushi & Nori is transformed into a Japanese getaway complete with street food stall, traditional Japanese attire, decorations and so much more!

The nights festivities will take place on trendy King Street, Bowen Hills boasting a collection of indoor and open-air space for you to enjoy the festivities.

From 6.00pm ‘til late enjoy bite after bite of assorted flamed nigiri, plates full of gyoza, Chicken Kushi and Japanese style salad that even a sumo couldn’t tackle.

Make sure you visit Sushi & Nori for their matsuri market.

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